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Jemeyson Interiors is an exclusive interior design firm offering our clients an extraordinary experience in creating their own individual designs. Having the best of both worlds, our clients have access to several Interior Designers, as well as Jeanette Jemeyson, owner, who specializes in DEID™ (Dynamic Energetic Intuitive Design), which is Jeanette’s own unique design concept.

Meet Jeanette

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Jeanette - Founder & Principle Designer

Jeanette Jemeyson of Jemeyson Interiors is an interior designer and intuitive business coach. She goes beyond the aesthetics and into the heart of your home, your life, and your business.

Having an extraordinary photographic memory for color, and an innate understanding of space and proportion with her unique approach to pattern and texture she can transform many different spaces. While working with her clients, she intuitively realized that often times they would have difficulty expressing their feelings of what they wanted to create in their homes. Ms. Jemeyson felt that there was something missing from the design package. There needed to be more than just outstanding service and a great product.

As Mariel Hemingway once said “That life in balance doesn’t get simpler, but is easier to handle if you come from a place of being centered.” That is what your Dynamic Energetic Intuitive Design (DEID™) experience with Jeanette Jemeyson is all about – finding that center.

What is DEID™?

DEID™(Dynamic Energetic Intuitive Design) is a specialized designed process developed by Jeanette Jemeyson of Jemeyson Interiors. DEID™integrates interior design with intuitive insight that creates a higher state of consciousness, awareness and understanding of one’s surroundings. DEID™ will help you to generate a significant change in your living and working spaces, eliminating the stagnant energy that blocks the flow of positive energy.

Jeanette Jemeyson will guide you through this extraordinary experience leaving you feeling in balance, content, and happy. If it’s an individual who’s primary wants are a different look and feel to their home, this unique approach of DEID™ will offer distinctive solutions for calmness, peacefulness, and synchronization to the homeowner and their space.


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Professional Coaching

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When people ask Jeanette Jemeyson, why she enjoys coaching people so much, her first reply is always, “because I love to motivate people“. It’s exciting to see all the transformations in other people’s lives. She is a person of many talents, however being there for her clients whether it’s coaching them during a design project, or coaching through a life-changing experience she intuitively knows how to motivate others. 

Virtual Consultations

With our thorough knowledge and experience, Jemeyson Interiors can help you transform your environment and create the life you want.

Jemeyson Interiors will guide you on how to adapt your current environment to one that will provide your family or employees with a positive space that allows everyone to achieve their fullest potential to succeed. 

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